It May Look Like A Regular Sequence Of Numbers But It Isn’t! Can You Spot The Error?

There are many amazing things in the universe around us but most scientists agree that the human brain is among the most amazing items you will ever find. There is no match, they say, in the known universe. It is because of the sheer power that is available with the human mind and the thought process, the consciousness that we have and everything that we are able to do as a result of the small mass of gray matter. When we are able to build up the brain muscles, so to speak, we can improve our memory and take things to an even higher level.

One of the ways to improve your brain is to use puzzles. Many of us have used puzzles our entire lives and we don’t do it because we want to get smarter, we do it because it is a great way to pass the time. Most of us probably have a favorite type of puzzle that can be anything from the New York Times crossword puzzle all the way down to sudoku or a word find. It’s a great way to sharpen the mind and when you do puzzles regularly, it may even help to keep certain mental disorders away, including Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the types of puzzles that can be very beneficial is a brainteaser. That is where this image comes in, and it is one that catches many people off guard.

In the image, you may see a simple number sequence but there are actually some numbers that are missing. Before you actually start, make sure that you time yourself because you only want to give about 10 seconds to find the problems. Believe it or not, this one is stumping people all around the Internet!

If you are having difficulty, try looking at every single number but it is not as fun to do so. Do you trust everything that you see the first time you see it or do you need to check it over again?

Our brains process information in an amazing way. We sometimes skip things that should be there, just because it makes logical sense that they would be there. Then again, that’s why many people were missing the numbers.


The numbers that are missing are 11 and 32. How did you do?

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