Apparently, People Who Cry A Lot Share A Unique Personality Trait

If you really stop to think about it for a moment, you likely remember a time when you spent an evening and just cried for a while. Some people refer to it as “crying your eyes out” but regardless of what you call it, it is something that is familiar to many of us. It seems as if science has something to say about those who do it.

Many people tend to apologize for crying or they may feel that they are vulnerable because of the fact that they cry frequently. As it turns out, crying is quite healthy and rather than showing vulnerability, it actually shows resilience and strength. In fact, there are 4 good reasons why you might feel empowered after you shed a few tears.

You Can Relieve Stress – a study in 1983 from the American psychological Association showed something interesting about crying. Individuals who cried regularly were able to deal with the stress that was associated with many of the problems they experienced in life. This stress included interpersonal relationships, anxiety and even sadness that they were feeling. When tears were shed, it helped to filter the thoughts rather than keeping them all bottled up on the inside. Keeping them bottled up can certainly lead to psychological problems and damage.

As it turns out, crying releases negative tension that may have been build up throughout the day. Emotional tears also carry hormones that leave the body and enhance the mood. Crying may even relieve trauma, according to a professor from Bournemouth University.

Not Afraid of Feelings – when people are alone, they tend to suppress their feelings so they don’t feel vulnerable. They may feel as if crying in front of other people would display such vulnerability so they avoid it.

A 1964 study, however, showed that when people were in the company of someone who was crying, they didn’t show negative reactions but rather, were compassionate. Understandably, crying made most people feel uncomfortable but that it is also associated with social expectations.

It Makes You a Better Friend – Crying might also show that you are closer and more open with your friends. Perhaps you are the first one to start crying when you received bad news from a friend. You might also be the one that helps others to relieve stress and deal with their emotions. Crying helps to break down walls and builds relationships.

It Works with Mental Illness – If you frequently have bouts of crying or the urge to cry, it may be of benefit to seek the help of a therapist. Many people around the world suffer from various conditions that include anxiety and depression.

Crying is a healthy mechanism that allows your body to deal with emotions. It helps to manage stress, improve your mood, strengthens relationships and even builds character.

You feel like crying? Don’t let go of that urge. Allow it to make you a better person.

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