She Takes Plastic Forks And Places Them In The Garden Soil For An Incredible Reason. I Had No Idea!

There are reasons to appreciate all four seasons but when spring is in the air, it just seems to bring new beginnings along with it. There is nothing quite like getting a break from the colder weather and seeing things growing and coming to life again. That is why some of us enjoy getting outside during that time and planting a garden.

One of the things that are necessary if you are planting the garden is to have the proper tools for it. Regardless of whether you are brand-new or if you have been planting a garden for years, having the tools that will help you with the process can certainly enhance your appreciation of it. It also helps to continue to learn more and more about gardening, and about how to make a success of it.

As you are likely aware, gardening supplies are not cheap. In fact, they seem to go up in price every year and it can be very hard to maintain the hobby for that reason. If you want to get away without spending very much on the hobby, try the following tips that can help you to save money and enjoy gardening even more. You might be surprised to find out that they are quite effective and easy to implement.

1. Muffin tins – you can use muffin tins to mark a grid line in your soil so your plants are spaced properly

2. Wine bottle edge – Keep your seedlings alive and make a decorative path with old wine bottles

3. Spoons – don’t toss out that old silverware, use a hammer to flatten it

After the spoons are flat, paint them to mark the herbs in your garden

Plastic is an economical option as well

4. Soda cans – remove the top from a soda can using a can opener

Paint the can to cover the logos

They make great planters for sprouts on your windowsill

5. Water the garden – here’s another way you can use empty wine bottles. Fill the bottle with water, quickly turn it over and put it in the soil. It will keep your plants watered for some time.

6. Don’t forget the kitchen sink – if you have an old kitchen sink, make it into a beautiful planter

7. Critters – use plastic forks in the veggie plants to keep away unwanted guests

8. Wind chime – some old spoons on the steel strainer can make a great wind chime

When the wind chime is ready, flip it over and fill it with flowers

9. Banana peels – don’t toss out those banana peels, they are full of vitamins for the soil

10. Coffee grounds – you can use coffee grounds to keep the soil in your garden moist

10. Eggshells – these are great for adding calcium to the garden. Dry them, grind them and put them in the soil.

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