Take Your Giftwrapping To A Higher Level With This DIY Paper Marbling Technique

There is a certain art that is associated with giving gifts and we really can’t overlook it. Yes, it is possible to give something that is not wrapped or perhaps to put it in the plain, cardboard box but giving a gift in a beautiful package is half of the fun. Just ask anyone who gives gifts on a regular basis and they will tell you the truth about how important the wrapping truly is.

Unfortunately, wrapping a gift and giving a special card may be more difficult than what you originally realized. It’s not that it is hard to go to the store and buy these items, what is difficult is the fact that you are going to spend a pretty penny when you do so. At times, the gift bag and card may even be more expensive than the gift itself! Fortunately, you are not without options.

If you want to wrap your gifts in something fantastic and really share the love when it comes to giving something special, this is a project you should consider. It is for a DIY paper marbling technique that is not only easy to do, it is a lot of fun to do as well. In fact, you may find that you are enjoying the process of making this paper just as much as you enjoy giving the gifts that are wrapped in it!

There really is more joy in giving than there is an receiving. When you make your own marbleized paper, however, you get to give a gift to yourself as well. Yes, you are designing it to give away but in the end, it is really you that has the satisfaction of a job well done.

Materials Needed:

Foam shaving cream
Food coloring or other dye
Heavy weight paper
Painters tape
Paper towels or wax paper
Squeegee or ruler
Plastic spatula
Rectangular baking dish


To protect the parts of your paper you don’t want dyed, tape off the edges using painters tape. You can also use tape if you want to leave a white space anywhere on the paper.

In a baking dish that is large enough to allow your paper to sit flat spray a good thick coat of shaving cream.

Now it’s time to start adding the colors! Just a bit of food coloring is all you need. We used a spray but the drops would work just as well!

Take your spatula and gently fold the color through the shaving cream. Don’t try to stir it in completely, you want to keep the patterns light and swirly!

Don’t worry too much about creating the perfect “marble” effect right in the pan because it will change a lot when you put the paper in.

Put your paper into the shaving cream and gently press it so that as much of the paper is touching shaving cream. Be careful not to leave it in too long or it may become too saturated and won’t dry properly.

Pull the paper up by one corner and place it on a paper towel or wax paper.

Grab your squeegee and scrape from one side to the other pulling all the shaving cream off.

If there is any shaving cream left on the page simply use a paper towel to dab it off. To make sure your paper dries straight, you can place it under a heavy book.

When they are dry you can remove the tape revealing the amazing stationary that will make you wish you had a pen pal to write to!

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