Give Your Kids A Treat With These Ocean Toys Soaps

From the time we are little children, we are told to do certain things. Ultimately, many of those items revolve around keeping ourselves clean. It doesn’t matter if it is washing our hands before dinner or cleaning behind our ears, they are reminders that we are given since the time we could stand at the sink on our own.

Although we may tell our children to wash up regularly, many parents realize that children are not washing as good as they should. In fact, there are many children who will go out of their way to do the “fake handwashing” and make it appear as if they were really washing up. Although we realize that the effort they go through may be more than simply washing up, it doesn’t often stop them from doing it.

If you are ready to teach your kids to wash their hands regularly and to do so in the best way possible, it’s time to make this DIY project. It is a craft that you will enjoy passing on to your children because it makes them happy and it keeps us happy as well, because our children will use them. They are for unique soaps that are formed with ocean toys on the inside. When they are completed, it is something that your kids are going to love doing. In fact, you may even get them involved in the process of making these unique soaps as well! With a little bit of supervision, you may just spark their creativity at a very early age.

Giving a child gifts is a wonderful thing. Although you certainly could run to the store and buy something for your child, when you make something that they truly love, it brings a smile to your heart.

Materials Needed:

3 Cups Clear glycerin soap, cubed
Soap dye
Toy sea animals
Glass measuring cup
Silicone mold


Take your 3 cups of soap cubes and melt them in a 4 cup glass measuring cup using a double boiler.

Add 4-6 drops of soap dye to your liquid soap and stir.

Sprinkle glitter in the base of your silicone mold and in the liquid as well stirring it in.

Add your sea animal toys to your molds upside down.

Pour the liquid soap into the mold until it covers the toy.

Let harden for several hours and once solid, pop the soaps out of the mold and you have a sparkly and fun bar of soap that any kid would be happy to have!

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