The Bag Says “Throw Away” But You Should NEVER Throw Away These Silica Gel Packets

When you buy many things at the store, there is something included that is not necessarily listed on the label. It is in there for very specific purpose and as a matter of fact, it is only supposed to be useful during the time that the product is shipped or sitting on the shelves. After you open the product, you are informed that it is to be thrown away immediately.

I’m talking about silica gel packets, those small packets that are found in everything from food to boxes of clothing. They are there for a specific reason, and that is to keep moisture from accumulating and damaging whatever is on the inside of the packet. They work quite well at keeping moisture away, even if the product is in the package for a very long time. Most of us really don’t give them a second thought and we just toss them as soon as we see them.

Of course, we don’t always do this without thought. On the side of most silica gel packages is a written notice that tells the person who is reading it to throw the package away as soon as they see it. The fact of the matter is, however, there are many different ways that you can use silica gel and you might just be surprised with how many awesome things you have actually tossed in the trash bin, simply by listening to what the packaging had to say.

This video shows you some of the rather clever uses for silica gel and more than likely, you have never thought about them before. Once you see what that unique product has to offer, however, you will find that you are no longer throwing these packets away and you may even be asking your friends and family to hang on to them for you.

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