How To Ease The Suffering Of Gout From Home And Stop Another Flare-up Before It Begins

There are many physical health problems that we may deal with but one that happens from time to time in certain individuals is a problem with gout. This condition can be extremely painful and most people are unprepared for exactly how much pain they experience when it flares up. It certainly can make for an uncomfortable night.

The type of pain that you experience may vary from one situation to another but most people have described it as being like a burning or a searing type of pain. It is also the timing of when the problem strikes, which is usually right in the middle of the night. Not only is an uncomfortable issue, we also lose out on a lot of sleep as a result of this painful condition.

Gout has been around for millennia but even though it is an ancient problem, it still is an issue for many people in this modern era. It is actually a type of arthritis and it is caused by uric acid that builds up to excessive amounts in the bloodstream. As a result of the uric acid, Crystals begin to form around the joints and in other areas of the body. It can affect any part of the body, but it is more likely to affect the big toe.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do if you suffer from gout that may help to reduce your suffering. In fact, some of these natural treatments may even stop it from coming back again.

1. Watch your intake – watching your dietary intake is one of the most important things you can do to treat this problem. Avoid yeast, fructose, meat and refined carbohydrates.

It is also best to limit your consumption of soda, beer and fruit juices. Eating any organ meat should also be avoided, as should seafood.

2. Eat healthy foods – along with avoiding the problem foods, you can also add some healthy foods into your diet. Cherries are an anti-inflammatory option that also has high levels of antioxidants. You may also find that bananas and apples can remove uric acid from the body naturally.

3. Alternative remedies – Although there are some prescriptions for this problem, you may also want to try some natural remedies.

Make a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water and add it to charcoal to make a paste. Apply it directly to the area.

You can use gingerroot and apple cider vinegar because they help to reduce inflammation. They may not remove uric acid but it does limit your symptoms.

Finally, don’t forget to increase how much water you are drinking. Flushing your kidneys and staying hydrated can keep the uric acid crystals from forming.

If you put the affected area in cold water, it may also give you some temporary relief. Don’t overdo the cold treatment, however, because it may increase uric acid crystal formation.

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