This Mason Jar Hack Is Going To Make Your Life So Much Easier

There are certain items that you have around the home and we probably use them more often what we actually realize. We tend to use them for a specific purpose and typically, it is the purpose for which they were designed. Very infrequently do we have an item that gets used so often that it really comes in handy in multiple areas around the home.

One of the items that we likely have in in a drawer somewhere at home is a Mason jar. We may even use them on a regular basis because they come in handy for multiple reasons. We might keep soup in them when we have extra left over or perhaps we might use them for storage in some way or another. More than likely, however, they are simply gathering dust in a drawer somewhere but that is about to change.

Mason jars were created for the purpose of canning fruits and vegetables. It can really come in handy when you use them for that purpose, and you will find that you are saving money because you have those items available in your pantry. Most people don’t use Mason jars for that purpose but what do you use them for? You are about to find out some Mason jar hacks that are truly going to blow your mind. In fact, you may find that you are using these simple hacks on a daily basis for everything from packing your children’s lunch to storing items for long-term storage.

Sometimes, the most simple items that we have around the home become the most useful. That is certainly the case with a simple Mason jar. After you see this video, you will rush to the store to buy some for yourself so that you could experience the convenience.


Mason jars and lids
Small plastic containers (from snack sized packaged applesauce, fruit cups, etc).
Your choice of snacks


Save some used small plastic snack containers from snack sized applesauces and fruit cups.

Fill your mason jar with chips, salads, yogurt (or anything else you like). Fill the small plastic containers with food that you wouldn’t want to store in the mason jar (dip for chips, crackers, granola for the yogurt, etc.).

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