This Is What Energy Drinks Do To Your Heart

As we go through our day and when we wake up in the morning, many of us enjoy a quick pick me up in the form of a caffeinated beverage. For some of us, it may be grabbing a cup of coffee and for others, it could be a can of soda. There is a problem, however, when caffeine is added to sweeteners, artificial stimulants other additives.

When you have such a toxic cocktail of chemicals, it can really have a serious effect on the human body. In fact, the stress that it puts on the cardiovascular system is so severe that it could even lead to a heart attack! This isn’t just a warning that it could happen, it actually has happened and is likely to happen again.

A man by the name of Cory Terry was a 33-year-old father who lived in Brooklyn, New York. After drinking a red bull, he died of a heart attack. Red Bull is one of the more popular energy drinks in the world and according to his mother, he was a non-smoker, physically active but he did drink Red Bull on a regular basis. It is unfortunate but after drinking the energy drink to perk himself up, it ended up costing him his life.

Can You Have a Heart Attack from Red Bull?

The Mayo Clinic published a study and found that energy drinks, including Red Bull, could prove to be harmful to individuals who already had a pre-existing cardiovascular condition. It is also possible that they could cause otherwise healthy people to have similar symptoms.

A trial taken with 15 healthy participants who consume two cans of energy drink on a daily basis. According to the research, the blood pressure increased by 8% only four hours after consuming the beverage and by the end of the week, it was up 10%. They also found that the heart rates of the participants increased 8% on the first day of 11% by the end of week.

These factors are associated with a higher risk for heart attack. High blood pressure can also have a negative effect on the arteries, leading to blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

The Ingredients of Red Bull

Most people probably think about Red Bull as having a lot of sugar but the main ingredients are actually a number of different stimulants. The top two stimulants the taurine and caffeine. There were also a number of B vitamins as well.

The average person may not experience many side effects from drinking Red Bull individually but when they are combined, that is where the serious problems can occur.

Red Bull Side Effects

Another study showed the effect that Red Bull has on individuals who exercised. It used 13 individuals who were already doing endurance training. They did these exercises three times a day and before they did them, they would drink a Red Bull or a similar drink without taurine. Some would also drink a placebo without stimulants.

According to the research, Red Bull was the only drink that increased “stroke volume.” This is how much blood is pumped in and out of the heart. This study showed that separately, the ingredients may not cause any serious side effects when they are combined, they could impact the cardiovascular system.

The studies proved something that most people already know: energy drinks, including Red Bull, are not good for the heart.

If you need something to get you out of a slump, try coffee or another carbonated beverage. It is best if you stay clear of the chemical cocktail drinks that are known as energy drinks.

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