The Easy Method To Instantly Alleviate Anxiety And Worry

There are many problems that we may experience in life but one that is common for most of us is anxiety. In fact, we may find that we are worrying over nothing most of the time. Fortunately, there are solutions available and one of those comes in the form of an ancient Chinese practice that manipulates the energy reserves in the body. It a natural healing technique that can help with both physical and emotional problems.

It doesn’t take a lot of skill to master some of the basic acupressure points in the body to self heal from a variety of problems. For those who suffer from issues with stress, anxiety and tension, the simple video at the end of this post can show you how to relieve the issue naturally. It uses the heart 7 acupressure point that works for depression, stress, anxiety and can even help you sleep good at night.

The name of the pressure point is “Shen Men” in Chinese. It is a name that means “spirit gate” and it can really help to calm your spirit when you use this pressure point properly. In fact, it can even take someone who is depressed and put them in good spirits. It is not only good for your emotional state, it may also help with nausea. It is located near the palm on the wrist.

Something that you will find interesting about acupuncture and acupressure are the location of the points. They are found along areas known as meridians that channel energy throughout the body. Those meridians allow for the free flow of energy and if you unblock any issues within the meridians, it really can go a long way in helping to heal a problem.

You will find the heart 7 acupressure point on the crease of the wrist when you have your palm facing up. You can follow along in the video as they show you exactly where to find it and where to apply pressure. You will feel a hollow next to the tendon and that is the sweet spot. You could use your index finger or thumb to press on the point inward toward the bone and hold for at least 30 seconds. You could also hold up to 3 minutes.

As you are press in on this acupressure point, take deep breaths and allow your mind to decompress. You can also stimulate this point by massaging it gently. Individuals who are public speakers may find that it helps to bring about balance and a calm mind. It is also connected to the tongue, so it helps you to communicate and speak from the heart. That is why, if you find yourself in a heated argument, you can make use of this point to calm the situation.

Many people use this acupressure point to perk up their spirits or to calm their nerves when necessary. It is also possible to do it on both hands to increase the effectiveness and you will find that you are sleeping peacefully through the night.

Although there are many different pressure points throughout the body, this one is good for beginners to get used to the system. You can use it any time you’re experiencing worry or to reduce the side effects of stress.

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