She Didn’t Know Why The Rash Was Spreading On Her Toddler’s Legs But Then She Found The Cereal Box

Facebook has provided a very interesting way for people to share important information. That was the case with one mother, Misty Lyn, who posted something on Facebook and every parent needs to see it. It deals with chemicals that may be hiding in the most unexpected places, children’s snacks. Her daughter had an allergic reaction to a popular cereal and she posted a warning.

Misty Sullivan saw unusual rash that was spreading on her toddler’s legs and it seemed to be getting worse. She didn’t know what may have caused it but she thought about the possibility that her daughter had touched something poisonous. She asked her husband to go through the morning step-by-step and when he did, she uncovered something shocking.

As it turns out, her daughter had eaten Apple jacks, which is a popular type of cereal. In fact, I know of several families that have been eating it for years. She had never tried it before that morning and she did some research, and what she found was very alarming. It is something that every family should know.

I had to take Harper to the doctors today. I had no clue what gave her this rash until Steve told me that she had Apple Jacks cereal for the first time this morning. Poor girl! Did more research on it and this is what I found… Apple Jacks has the most popular food dyes known to cause behavioral problems in children; yellow 6, blue 1, red 40 and BHT,

Rather than keeping this important information to herself, she decided to post it on Facebook. She wanted other parents to know about the danger.

These food dyes are now illegal in Europe, but perfectly acceptable in America. BHT is a common stabilizer in pesticides, gasoline, lubricants, and soaps, but can also be found in Apple Jacks. Yellow 6 has been linked to tumors in lab mice and red 40 has been known to cause severe allergic reactions,

Some may consider this to be an overreaction but it was horrible what happened to the little girl. Harmful dyes being put in a snack food for children is certainly nothing to laugh over.

Her post concluded with these words.

Please share with every parent you know. If we don’t get the food out about these dangerous food dyes, who will?

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