The New Invention That Brides Are Losing Their Minds Over

There is an old saying that necessity is the mother of invention and many of us may have seen the reality of that saying in our lifetime. In fact, there are people who are constantly inventing new things and without them, our life were not quite be the same. From time to time, however, an invention comes about that we may look at and wonder why nobody ever thought of it before. That is the case with this invention.

When a woman is about to get married, she typically takes a lot of time to plan the wedding and to make sure that everything is just right. Not only does she want the reception and the ceremony to be perfect, she wants the dress to be perfect as well. At sometime during the day, however, there is a problem that many brides experience and they can make it difficult when you’re in a formal dress. I’m talking about having to go to the bathroom.

Admittedly, we likely have bridesmaids who are there to help us when we have these types of difficulties. The problem is, most toilet stalls are not going to be able to handle 4 different girls there who are assisting us with our wedding gown. We couldn’t even imagine what would happen if we did go to the toilet on our own and happened to let our dress fall into the toilet while we are relieving ourselves. It would be miserable for the rest of the day.

Fortunately, we have this new invention that helps to free up our hands while at the same time, holding the dress for us. Not only is it safe while we are using the toilet, we can use it anytime that we may need to have our dress up and don’t want it to be on the floor. It’s an invention no bride should be without.

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