Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks And The Most Unique DIY Projects

When it comes to keeping children entertained, you really have to keep on your toes. Some children are relatively easy to entertain but others are going to require a lot of your time and attention. For those children, there is nothing quite like a DIY project that will make something tangible they can hold on to. That is what this unique project is designed to do.

One of the many different DIY projects that people do with their children is to use Shrinky Dinks, a rather unique concept. We tend to pick them up at a local department store or perhaps a craft store but the idea behind them is somewhat simple. We create them by coloring them at a larger level and then we bake them in the oven until they get small. At that point, they become a project that our children can hang onto.

If you are somebody that enjoys crafting in this way and want to teach your children the ropes, this is a craft kit that you should not overlook. The creativity that is possible with this particular kit is truly off the charts. Try making these with your kids today and you may just find that they are coming back for more and more. Of course, you won’t have any complaints when it comes to the fact that your children are enjoying doing something in the real world and you get to spend time with them as well.

Although this is a fun kids’ project, it is going to require some adult supervision. That is especially true with using the oven and the cleanup that may be involved with creating these unique items. With a little bit of attention on your part, however, it can really be a hands-free DIY project that will keep your kids busy and motivated.

Materials Needed:

#6 Plastic
Images to trace (or freehand some)


Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 325 degrees.

It is super easy to recreate this 90s classic craft! You can find #6 plastic in a lot of places, we used a take out container and just cut a flat piece.

Trace out your design outline onto the plastic using sharpies.

Color it in with your sharpies, and then cut it out to size.

Place your design into the oven on cookie sheet lined with wax paper. It only takes 1 or 2 minutes before the little piece of plastic will shrink down. Pull it out of the oven once it is laying flat again.

It’s always fun to bring back a retro craft! Try it out today!

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