Apparently, We Have Been Folding Fitted Sheets Wrong This Whole Time

There are certain skills in life that most of us feel we are able to do quite well. In fact, we might even pride ourselves on our skills, but that doesn’t mean we are able to do everything in life with style and grace. In fact, there may be times when we stumble over even the simplest task and that is when things can get rather frustrating.

One of those skills in life that we may struggle with is folding fitted sheets. This is something that we may have done since we started washing our own clothes but that doesn’t mean that we are able to do so properly. For most of us, folding a fitted sheet is a matter of trying to get it as neat as possible but it still looks unkempt and lumpy when it is next to our regular sheets.

What do you do if you want to learn how to do something properly? There are actually a number of different methods of learning that can help you to gain the skills you need. Some of us go straight to the professionals, and they certainly can help us to learn how to do specific tasks with skill. There are also many of us who use online videos to lean how to do these difficult tasks and it is really the best of both worlds. If you are someone who learns by watching, then this video is going to be the perfect solution.

Watch as this woman folds a fitted sheet and learn how you can do it as well. She really makes it look easy and in reality, it isn’t difficult. Simply follow along and before you know it, you will be loving the way your folded fitted sheets look.


While standing, start with your sheet inside out and your hands in the corners.

Next, bring your palms together and fold the right corner over the left.

Switch hands and put your right hand into the corner. Use your left hand to straighten out the edges.

Bring your palms together again and fold the right corner over the left. Straighten the edge with your right hand.

Fold the side down to create a rectangle.

Lay the sheet down with the edges facing up.

Fold into thirds lengthwise.

Fold into thirds again.

Now your fitted sheet is perfectly folded!

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