Teenager Runs To Her Mom Screaming In Agonizing Pain, Gets Second Degree Burns From Cell Phone

If you were to look around at any teenager, boy or girl, you would likely see that they have a mobile phone in their hand. Most of the teenage girls are also quite fond of jewelry.

Typically, neither of those would have a negative effect on its own but this girl discovered how the two items should never be used interchangeably. The girl was upstairs on her mobile phone and more than likely, she had used it throughout the entire day. The battery was low, so she decided to plug in the phone and charge it but she continued to use the phone at the same time.

It is what happened next, however, that is a warning example for all of us. As the phone was charging, the charging cable came into contact with a necklace that she was wearing. An electric current was transmitted and it led to second-degree burns on the teenager’s neck.

Any parent wants the best for their children and they would never want to give them something that would result in their harm. As it turns out, this teenager experienced harm because of a combination of nice things. Please be sure to pass the story along to your friends and let them know about the danger.

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