Every Person With Blue Eyes Has ONE Strange Thing In Common. I Had No Idea!

When you really stop to think about the human body, it is quite amazing that it is able to do all that it does. On a day-to-day basis, we are able to stay alive because our heart is beating constantly, we are breathing and other functions are taking place within the body, all without our ever giving it a second thought. That isn’t even to mention the complexity of those items.

Stop for a moment to consider the human brain, it is also an amazing piece of creation that still stuns many scientists who study it regularly. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most complex things that is found in all of the universe. Thinking about what is packed into that tiny organ as well as the fact that it provides us with consciousness is more than enough to keep you busy thinking for a lifetime.

Another part of the human body is the eye and if you take a little bit of time to study the eye, you find out that it is truly amazing. For example, think about the fact that you are able to recognize somebody’s face. If you were to scan a large crowd, that facial recognition is still possible and you can pick somebody out of the middle of hundreds of other people. Another factor that many people don’t consider about the eye is the color, but there is something rather interesting about it.

Did you know that the color of the eye is blue when a baby is born and then it changes after a few months? There is also some thought that blue eyes may be endangered and that they are becoming much less common. Watch this video and you will have the ultimate conversation starter for the next time the conversation is slow.

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