Official Alert Released: Little Girl Uses Popular Product And Loses Her Hair

When many of us think back to our childhood, we think of it as being our carefree years. It really should be that way, and for little girls, it should be a time in their life when they are able to grow up and not experience the problems and difficulties that should really be limited to adults. From time to time, however, they do experience problems and this is an alert about one of those issues.

When you’re a 10-year-old girl, sometimes life can be difficult to manage. That is especially true when you happen to use a popular beauty treatment and you begin losing your hair. That is what happened with Eliana, who had a beautiful head of red hair until she used that product. Beginning on that day, she had what was referred to as the worst “bad hair day” of her entire life.

When you look down through the following pictures, you might be surprised to learn that it is something that is used by many people and most of them don’t even give it a second thought. What even might surprise you further is that this is not an isolated incident, and there are others who have had a similar problem. This is Eliana’s story and it is a warning for you.

Eliana began to lose her hair after using a popular product. You might be surprised to learn that it is not the first time it has happened.

Two years ago, Eliana was turning 10 and she wanted to try something all natural and safe on her hair. After her hair started falling out, her mother was concerned that she might have cancer but fortunately, the little girl is okay.

Eliana’s mother was frightened and angered over what happened. When she combed her little girl’s hair, about one third of it came out.

The mother is convinced that the issue is due to the Wen Haircare Cleaning Conditioner. Soon after her daughter used the product, her hair began falling out. It is even more shocking that her daughter only used the product 3 times.

Personal care products that are deemed to be unsafe cannot be recalled in the United States. Warnings, however, can be issued.

Thousands of consumers of these products have come forward with their own story. 127 different complaints have been logged and it is reported that the company received over 21,000 complaints from their customers.

An alert has been released by the FDA stating that this haircare product could lead to balding, rashes and hair loss.

The FDA has also opened an investigation to the claims of the product

It turns out, even if the FDA concludes Wen Hair products are responsible for this girl’s hair loss and the record number of complaints the FDA has received, the agency lacks the legal authority to even issue a recall.

Personal care products may only be recalled voluntarily.

The way that personal care products are regulated is under investigation. Eliana added her own personal letter, asking for support with this legislation.

Two years have passed since Eliana lost the most of her hair and it is now growing by. There are still some bald patches and her hair is much thinner.

As a result of her hair loss, she experienced bullying at school so she began homeschooling. We hope that things go well for her and that she comes to the problem with flying colors.

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