Girls, It Transpires That Having A Big Butt Is A Sign Of Health And Intelligence

There are certain things about the human body that often come under close scrutiny. That is especially true about the female body and sometimes, women will feel as if they have to keep up with the fashion industry and the body shaming that many of them do.

In fact, that industry tends to put out a negative message and it really affects people’s opinions. The fact of the matter is, however, women don’t have to feel pressurized into sticking with a certain shape or size. Most of it has to do with how happy they are with their body and that is what truly matters. Research has shown that ladies with larger butts, for example, are not only smarter but they may be able to resist chronic disease much better than their thinner counterparts.

It seems as if different amounts of fat in the body causes that body to react differently. It should be noted that fat is not the only factor. In many cases, it is the location where the fat is stored that makes the biggest difference. When fat is retained in the stomach, it isn’t healthy because it is metabolically active, according to a doctor from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

On the other hand, if you have excess fat in your derrière and thighs, it will contain less cytokines. When you have an excessive amount of cytokines, it could lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. In addition, when the fat is lower on your body, it results in less cholesterol.

As it turns out, having a big but may mean you’re healthier, have lower cholesterol and are less likely to get diabetes. You know what this means, girls, there is nothing wrong with having a big butt.

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