Turn Your Baby Clothes Into Wonderful Keepsakes With This ‘Memory Bear’ Design

There is something about parenting that turns even the most sensible person rather nostalgic. Before you know it, they start hoarding almost everything they possibly can from the child, including their first pacifier and all of the papers that they brought home from school. This is a sign of a loving parent, and if you share the sentiments, you are going to love what you see on this page.

When your baby wears a onesie, they are eventually going to outgrow it. Many of us treasure the memories that we have of our children in certain clothes, but eventually, it is time to make them either hand-me-downs or perhaps take them to the Goodwill. If you want to hang onto these items rather than giving them up, you could use this method to do so in the most precious way possible.

They are known as memory bears and it’s the perfect way to turn your child’s onesie into a keepsake that will be held onto and cherished for many years. In fact, you may even end up with a box of these items that you can pass on to your children when they are grown and have children of their own. It certainly is a wonderful way to share a memory, and you might be surprised with exactly how easy it is to do. Just check out these examples from Etsy, and it will inspire you to create some of these little caudal toys all of your own.

This adorable bunny bear is created by ImaginationAcresLLC.

CrazyLeggies turned a cupcake themed onesie into something quite wonderful.

They took this onesie a little bit further by adding a blue ribbon and making it perfect.

Here’s an interesting twist. They took this onesie and turned it into a stuffed elephant! How cute is that?

Here’s a cute little teddy bear with a pillow to match. Two snuggles for the price of one!

You can create these memory bears from the outfit your baby was wearing when they left the hospital. This is one that will be displayed proudly.

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