How Pushing A Paper Towel Roll Through A Car Window Can Save Your Life

When you take a close look at the automobile industry, you begin to see that many technological advances have taken place in recent years. In fact, the entire industry seems to be focused on making our lives a lot more convenient. It wasn’t all that long ago that we didn’t have access to things such as keyless ignitions, built-in video screens and the opportunity to text people automatically without having to look at our smartphone. Those are some benefits that many of us appreciate about the newer automobiles.

Unfortunately, there are also issues that are associated with automobiles that many of us tend to overlook. Although it may be true that car manufacturers try to make vehicles safe, when you begin to look under the surface, you start to see some of the problems that may occur on a regular basis. In fact, some of those dangers are not only hidden, they could even be deadly.

One of the problems that is an issue with many automobiles is not only dangerous, it has even taken the lives of children. If you have young ones, then you want to know these vehicular safety tips so that you can keep everyone as safe as possible.

The efficiency of cars is well known and they run very quiet in many cases. Some of the more futuristic options that are available in these automobiles include the pushbutton ignition. Many of us have used this type of ignition to our advantage and it surely can be a convenience.

There is a problem with these pushbutton ignitions, however, that is often overlooked. Because the automobile runs so quietly, we may forget to turn it off one we pull into the garage. It doesn’t take long before poisonous carbon monoxide gas begins to build up in the area.

That is why it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector in the garage, just in case you should happen to forget to turn the automobile off. It can be a safeguard to you and your family.

Another option that comes with many automobiles that can be dangerous and even deadly is the automatic windows. These are a convenience that most of us really don’t think about, we just simply use them when we have them in our car. One of the issues that can occur is for the window to crush the trachea of a child. It only takes 22 pounds of pressure for that to happen. Unfortunately, many automatic car windows have up to 80 pounds of force.

Some of the car windows are even more of a problem because they go up the whole way with only the single push of a button. Other windows will stop as soon as you let go of the control. You want to ensure that your car windows are automatically reversing to avoid these problems.

One of the ways that you can check the windows to ensure that they automatically reverse is by using a roll of paper towels. It is a rather simple way to do it but it could end up saving a life.

You can check out the video below to see this and many more auto safety tips:

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