Seal Your Chips Without A Clip

We live in a world of convenience and many of us certainly do appreciate the fact that we can go to the store and pick up what we need to bring home. Once we get it to our home, we can store it in such a way that it will last for quite some time. The only problem is, there may be times when storing food is rather inconvenient, given the options we have available.

When you store food properly, you will find that it is lasting for a very long time. In fact, stored food may last for weeks or perhaps even months and taste just as fresh as the day that you stored it. That isn’t the case, however, with some of the faster, convenience foods that we may enjoy. One of those foods are potato chips and if you don’t store them properly, you might as well just throw the bag out soon after you bought it.

Of course, we have a lot of unique contraptions that help to keep chips fresh for a longer amount of time. One of those contraptions is the simple chip clip and after rolling up the bag, we put the clip in place so that the bag doesn’t come open again. It seems like a rather simple system but it is one that has a number of flaws in it as well. One of those flaws is the fact that it just doesn’t seem to stick around long enough that we can continue to use it. That is where this little tip comes in. When you watch this video, you will find that it is possible to store your chips without a clip and to do so in a sealed environment.

This is one of those ideas that is truly going to change things for many families. Rather than leaving the chips out to go stale, you will find that it is possible to keep them in storage for a very long time.

Materials Needed:

Any open snack bag


Push out all the air.

Make 4 small folds towards you.

Fold corners back.

Pull fold over folded corners.

Enjoy your perfectly sealed chip bag!

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