Make This Simple And Comfortable Home For Stray Cats

Those of us who have a cat in our home realize that they can make inroads into our heart very quickly. We may pick them up as a stray or perhaps at the local pound but in either case, they become a part of our family and we want to care for them from that point forward.

Although most of us may think about the animals that we have as a part of our family, there are also many animals that are lacking a family. Perhaps your neighborhood has a stray cat or two wandering around and in some areas, it can be a real problem. Rather than considering it to be a problem for you, think about what the cats have to deal with. Fortunately, there is something that you can do about the situation and it is brilliant.

It doesn’t matter if you are prone to doing DIY projects or not, you likely will take part in one after you see this simple project. It converts a regular plastic box into a home for stray cats and it helps them to be comfortable and happy, even though they are living without a family. This is a great project that you may want to consider doing for your area as well. You might even find that one of the stray cats becomes a part of your family, and you will care for them and all of their needs. This is a beautiful thing, and it helps you to care for a creature that can’t care for themselves.

If you have love in your hearts for cats or for just the little creatures that can’t care for themselves, this is a project to consider. It really can make a difference, and the cats will thank you for it in their own way.

Materials Needed:

Tote bin
Cat door
Sun reflector visor
Hay or Straw


Start by measuring out your little kitty door off to one side of the tote bin.

Cut to size and attach your door.

Line the bin in the sun reflector to insulate the edges.

Line the bottom in hay or straw to make a nice cozy bed that won’t hold onto the moisture as much as a blanket or pillow.

Put the bin out where the cats are to give them some much needed love!

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