You Can Actually Rent An Inflatable Irish Pub For Your Next Backyard Party

One of the things that many of us enjoy about a get-together is having something extraordinary at our disposal. For some people, it might be a live band and for others, it could be a caterer but sometimes, you just want to take things to the next level. That is why many people appreciate this inflatable, because it is perfect for any party.

When it comes to enjoying some time with friends or family, there is nothing quite like going to the pub and relaxing. This can be difficult, and not everybody wants to get in the car and drive to the pub with a large group of friends. That is what makes this inflatable so perfect, because it is an Irish pub that blows up right in your yard.

More than likely, you were not considering the possibility of having such an Irish pub but it is the perfect party idea. This inflatable is the brainchild of “The Paddy Wagon Pub” and it is perhaps the best thing that we have seen for a party since the barbecue grill. You can set it up on the grass or even in the driveway and with just a little bit of time, it can inflate into a full version of an authentic Irish pub. What could be more perfect for a party than having one of these beauties in your yard? In fact, it is so perfect that it doesn’t even need a floor.

It is large enough to fit up to 80 people, but it is contained enough for even a more quaint gathering. The company that offers this option even provides menus along with fresh food and entertainment for those that really want to go out of their way to have a good time. You can even choose from multiple sizes so there is no need for you to be locked into a certain number of guests.

Among the many different options that are available, there is a 33 foot long building that blows up right in your yard! There are also many styles available, including some that look like more of a traditional pub with timber framing or musty brick.

Although you may pay around $435 to rent one of these inflatables, it is going to be well worth it. They will even ship it worldwide!

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