These Rubber Band Hacks Are Going To Change Your Life

There are many items that we may use on a day-to-day basis and sometimes, we may even find that we are using them for rather unusual tasks. Of course, almost anything that we have in life is going to have a specific task attached to it but sometimes, it is just good to look beyond the basics and see what else is possible.

One of those simple tools that we may use on an ongoing basis are rubber bands. They are rather simplistic in design, and we may use them for various things around the home. As a child, I used rubber bands to wrap up newspapers for delivery but since that time, I find that they come in handy for a wide variety of things. Little did I know, however, that rubber bands were such a versatile tool but now that I have seen this video, it has changed the way that looked at rubber bands altogether.

There are times in life when we may have one of those moments where we wish we had known something a lot longer than what we did. Many of us refer to those moments as discovery times in our lives, and you are about to have one of those episodes. When you see what is possible to do with these rubber bands, you will wish you knew it a long time ago. They will come in handy on an ongoing basis and you may even find that you have rubber bands everywhere in the home, just because they are so handy.

Of course, rubber bands are not going to be there when it comes to curing the common cold or helping the launch people into space. What they can do for you on a daily basis, however, is just as cool.

You can use rubber bands for the following tasks

1. As a bookmark.

2. To keep a door unlocked.

3. To remove a stripped screw.

4. To remove slippery lids.

5. To remove excess paint.

6. DIY page turner.

7. As an eraser.

8. Keep lid closed during transportation.

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