Professor Keeps Hilarious List Of Slang Terms He Learns From Listening To Students

When we are children, it seems as if we have our own language. We use it to speak to others who are our age and they understand exactly what we are saying. It isn’t necessarily something that is out of line but it is just a type of lingo that seems to change from one generation to the next. The problem is, most adults find it to be cringe-worthy and if you happen to be a professor, it might really get under your skin.

Perhaps that is why one professor is doing a little bit extra to avoid getting in an uncomfortable situation as a result of this issue. Twitter user @mewtailv2 has shared the document that is being compiled by their sociology professor and it is really making a splash online. The document is entitled ‘Callahan’s Generation Z Dictionary’ and it is a list of all of the different terms that his students use. I’m sure that you will find it interesting, if not useful.

In the column on the left, you will see common words and phrases that you might use on a daily basis. These can include things such as “big mad’, ‘smacks’ or ‘spill the tea’. In the right-hand column, the professor does his best to say what the words mean, although he doesn’t always hit it on the mark.

Commenters are happy with the fact that he is taking an interest in his students’ culture and for being a little bit amusing in the process.

It seems as if everybody is taking an active interest in this because the professor wants to connect with his students in a relatable way. It is also bittersweet because his efforts are not typically done by other members of his profession. Many professors will stop their students from using their own cultural language.

I guess everyone doesn’t agree with his method.

At least the professor is listening. It makes it even better to see a professor doing something such as this because it would mean something to the students. It isn’t just a matter of somebody trying to understand the conversation, it’s making the students feel included.

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