This Effective, Simple Method Will Relieve Sciatic Pain Once and for All

Pain is a problem that many of us experience but at times, can be a chronic and debilitating issue. It can occur in any part of the human body but when it affects the largest nerve in the body, it can put us down and out very quickly. I’m talking about the sciatic nerve, one that runs through the lower back and down the back of both of the legs.

A problem with the sciatic nerve, known as sciatica, can cause severe pain in the area where the nerve is pinched or inflamed. The issue is, the pain may not be the only problem that you are dealing with. For some people, sciatica is a problem that involves much more and at times, it is the extra issues that can really put them flat on their back.

The pain that is experienced with sciatica is often found in the lower back but it can also affect other areas in the body, including the ribs, the back itself and even down the legs. Some people who have a pinched sciatic nerve in their back may even have knee problems and it can take a while to diagnose the specific issue they are dealing with. Other issues associated with sciatica include tingling or numbness in the legs and for more severe cases, it can even cause a loss of bladder or bowel function.

One thing is certain, the problem with sciatica is one that needs to be corrected if you want to get back to your life again. When you look at all the different products that are available on the market, however, you find that they don’t really target the problem, they simply help to relieve some of the symptoms. Many of them don’t even do a good job on the symptoms.

If you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, there are options available to treat it. In fact, there is a 10 minute natural treatment that has helped many people to overcome the situation and get back to their day-to-day life again.

Follow These Instructions to the Letter:

Every night, before going to bed, into a bucket, pour 10 liters of hot water, add 1l of apple cider vinegar and a handful of salt, and stir it well. Then, soak the feet in the water for 10 minutes.

Then, take them out and pat them dry with a towel.

You can cover the legs with a blanket as well. This will keep them warm during the entire night.

In the morning, put on socks and slippers, and avoid being barefoot.

The pain will be relieved even after the first treatment, but the effects will improve every single day.

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