Parents: Your Children Should NEVER Sit Like This!

As we get older, we begin to recognize that we don’t quite have the flexibility that we had when we were younger. This is especially evident when we are parents and we look at the way that our children are bending, sitting and doing everything without any effort whatsoever. It seems as if their bodies are able to bend in ways that are not humanly possible from our standpoint, but it could end up getting them in trouble.

One of the things that many of us did when we were younger was to sit on the floor. We did so while we watched TV and we may have done a wide variety of other things, from coloring in coloring books to reading a book. Children tend to sit in a variety of ways when they are seated on the floor but there is one position that you should always be cautious to help your children avoid.

One of the comfortable ways that many children sit is in the “W” position. It seemed as if it was the most comfortable and convenient for all of us when we were younger. In fact, it almost seemed as if our legs naturally went into that position and it never really caused us any problems. The fact of the matter is, however, it is something that needs to be addressed with your children and parents need to know of the dangers that could occur from this seemingly innocent seating position.

If you notice that your child is sitting in the W position, you will want to stop them from doing so and ask them to sit another way. What your children don’t realize is that there can be serious orthopedic consequences that could last for the rest of the life as a result of sitting in that way. Now you know the truth, be sure to pass it along.

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