Science Says That If You Suffer From An Anxiety Disorder, You Have These 5 Superpowers

Anxiety is something that many people have to face and it can sometimes be rather frightening when we have to face it on a regular basis. It often affects our perception of reality and sometimes, the anxiety that we experience can be an overwhelming problem that simply heaps more pressure on us than what we really deserve. A small amount of anxiety can be beneficial and in some cases, it can help us to get work done that needs to be accomplished or it can even get us out of a difficult situation. The problem is, most of us tend to face anxiety on an ongoing basis and it can quickly reach a critical level when we are anxious about work, home, our relationships and everything else in life.

If you are somebody that tends to worry unnecessarily and experience anxiety on an ongoing basis, there may actually be some benefit to doing so. In fact, science has shown that there are specific personality traits that are associated with those who are anxious and they can be considered a superpower in many cases. These are personality traits that are not shared by many others, so being anxious may just benefit you in that way.

1. Higher IQ: According to some scientific studies, there is a direct link between those who suffer from anxiety disorders and those who also have high IQs. The old saying “ignorance is bliss” has actually been confirmed according to those studies. Intelligent people worry more in life, so this is one of the superpowers.

2. Life Savers – When an individual suffers from anxiety, they tend to be more keen on details and can predict issues that they take place. In other words, they have a quick mind and it allows them to react quickly to any issues that arise.

3. Empathy: One of the things that can help you in life is when you are empathetic. The quality of empathy has often been described as feeling a person’s pain in your own heart. Your anxiety will typically mean that you listen better when other people are talking about their problems.

4. Identify Liars: Most people who suffer from an anxiety disorder are able to determine if an individual is lying rather easily. They tend to be a realist and as a result, they see through any lies that they may be told.

5. Energy: Although low levels of energy is often an issue associated with anxiety, most people who are anxious are able to sense the energy that comes from others, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. It helps them to avoid those that they should avoid and draw close to those who would benefit them.

When you use these five superpowers to your benefit, you can make your anxiety work for you.



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