Is The Room Spinning? Try This Simple Doctor Recommended Method For Treating Vertigo In Seconds

If you suffer from a problem of chronic dizziness/vertigo, you already realize that it can be a very difficult situation. It is also an issue that is nearly impossible to treat from many doctor’s perspectives. They may provide you with a prescription but that could cause additional problems. If you are tired of being dizzy and want to try something new, there is a technique that is not only safe, it is easy and can be done from home.

Prior to the time that we talk about the vertigo treatment, it’s a good idea to understand the illness. Vertigo is more than simple dizziness; it is a condition that can affect your entire life and could even have life-threatening consequences. For example, individuals who suffer from vertigo are more likely to suffer from falls or automobile accidents.

The easiest way to understand more about vertigo if you don’t suffer from it is to listen to someone who suffers from the condition. One woman from Denver talks about the disease in the following way.

“Everything about you will move, it will spin,” explains Sue Rickers. “I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t walk, I had to hold onto the wall—and it was very, very scary.”

Fortunately, she found a popular YouTube video that came from Dr. Carol Foster, an otolaryngologist. She uses a specific method to take care of vertigo immediately and when it is used from the first signs of vertigo, it works quite well.

Dr. Foster, from the University of Colorado, explains that dizziness and vertigo usually come from an inner ear issue. Particles build up and begin a shifting movement and that makes the person suffering from vertigo experience a spinning sensation.

Dr. Foster began experimenting and found that a ‘twisting, turning’ motion could release those built up particles. It would relieve the symptoms of dizziness very quickly. At that point, she developed a type of exercise that is very simple to do at home.

You can try the method for yourself:

1. Get down on your knees so that you are seated on the backs of your heels.

2. Tilt your head back with your eyes aimed skyward—don’t worry if your dizziness increases momentarily.

3. While staying on your knees, put your hands on the floor in front of you and let your head hang loose, with your chin slightly tucked in

4. Turn your head to either your right or left elbow depending upon which ear you need to treat.

It is much easier to execute this exercise when you’ve seen it performed in front of you. Having the right technique and doing these steps in order can help you achieve the most benefits. You can watch a demonstration of Dr. Foster’s technique in the video below:

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