10 Signs Of A Mold Illness And What You Need to Know About It

There is a hidden danger in many homes and it is something that is not only dangerous, it could actually be fatal. Unfortunately, it also hides under the surface and it could be anywhere within the home, including in the attic, the basement or perhaps even right in your living room! I’m talking about mold and if you have it in your home, it is something you would want to eradicate right away.

The body and mold do not get along very well. As a matter of fact, mold is made up of biotoxins and the body is unable to process them. When they enter into the body, they can leave behind a range of symptoms. The symptoms may differ from one person to another but if you have them, it is important for you to get medical assistance.

When you have these symptoms, it is possible that you may actually be dealing with a mold illness. What you’ll probably notice when you see the symptoms is the fact that they are very similar to other allergies. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America explains that it is possible for mold to trigger an allergic reaction. The Mayo Clinic also chimes in, saying that you should not assume that your sneezing or wheezing is just a passing matter. If you have these symptoms, it is something that should be discussed with your physician, especially if they are persistent. Mold illness can lead to further complications, including sinusitis, asthma and inflammation.

The following 10 symptoms are common for individuals who are exposed to mold in the home. Don’t take these symptoms lightly. Contact a doctor if you experience them.

1. Sneezing
2. Runny or stuffy nose
3. Coughing
4. Itchy eyes, nose and throat
5. Watery eyes
6. Dry, scaly skin
7. Wheezing
8. Shortness of breath
9. Chest tightness
10. Postnasal drip

You may also be able to reduce your risk of mold exposure by opening windows in the bathrooms or using a dehumidifier. When you increase airflow or reduce humidity, it may help to lower the mold count. You should also care for any leaks immediately and remove your clothing from the laundry machine promptly.


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