3 Different Ways To Look Your Best By Tying A Tie

Some people have to dress up in a suit and tie on a regular basis and others may only do so on occasion. In either case, you want to make sure that you are looking your best so you buy a suit that fits and then you pair it with the perfect accessories. One of those accessories is ultimately going to be a tie but even that simple item has many different options available.

More than likely, you learned how to tie a tie by watching someone in your family do it or perhaps by watching a video online. There are some rather simplistic ways to do it but sometimes, you just want to take things to the next level. That is where this video comes in. It provides you with 3 different ways that you can tie a tie and you will find that you are looking your best when you follow the simple instructions.

Ties may be worn by many men in order to dress up but they certainly are nothing new. The fact of the matter is, ties have been around for over a century and they may have been worn in antiquity in some fashion or another. You have many different types of ties, including bowties, neckties and other options. This video shows you how to tie a necktie, which is one of the most common types of ties in existence. You might even find that you are learning something new about how to look your best.

Although you may not wear ties on a regular basis, take the time to learn how to tie one properly. Look at the different techniques and choose one that is right for you. You will find that it is something you hang onto for life.


Option 1:

Start with the tie on a flat surface and make each end circle around and point in opposite directions – the front of the tie pointing down and the back of the tie pointing up.

The roll the circle that is pointing up all the way around and pull the other loop to lay over it.

Bring the end that is pointing up back down through the hole and pull it snug.

Option 2:

Start by laying the tie over your hand and then wrapping the tie around your hand another time.

Wrap it around one more time, this time on a diagonal angle towards your thumb. Pull the other loop out and off your hand, pushing it back over the other loops.

Pull tight to secure.

Option 3:

Wrap the tie once and then lay it back over two fingers.

Then take the hanging end and rotate it around and put it over top of your fingers, covering the other loops.

Pull the other end through the center of the loop and pull tight.

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