Try These Fun Science Experiments With Your Kids

When our children are at school during the school year, they are kept busy both day and night. Some of that busyness may even travel over to the weekend, and homework is something that our children don’t necessarily appreciate. There is something, however, that we appreciate as parents and that is the fact that our children are typically kept busy enough that they don’t need constant entertainment.

That isn’t the case with the summer break. From the moment that our children get out of school in the summer, it is a running firefight to keep them busy and occupied. Although there are going to be times when they may be into their electronics or perhaps are watching TV, most parents recognize that those choices are not the healthiest. That is when you really need to do your best and put together a project that you can do with the children.

Although there are many choices when it comes to projects parents can do with children, there is nothing quite like enjoying a good science experiment. It seems as if it really opens up the world for your children to enjoy, and many parents appreciate learning something about the world around them as well. There are many science experiments to consider, but the ones that are included in this video are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they going to keep you busy, they are something that you will come back to on a regular basis and your kids will love it!

For these science experiments, you really need a minimum amount of supplies. A few balloons, pencils, sandwich bags and some water are really all that is needed to get started. One thing is certain, however, once you do get started, you will not want to stop.

Self-Inflating Balloons
You will need:

Empty plastic bottle
White vinegar
Baking soda


Fill about 1/3 of the plastic bottle with white vinegar. Pour 2-3 spoonfuls of baking soda into the bottle with the vinegar.

Quickly put the balloon over the mouth of the bottle. It will start to inflate immediately.

When vinegar is mixed with baking soda it creates a chemical reaction producing carbon dioxide, which fills the balloon.

Fireproof Balloon

You will need:

2 balloons
matches or lighter


Fill one balloon with air and hold it over a lit candle. The balloon will burst when it’s put over the flame.

Fill the second balloon with some water and air. Hold the balloon over the candle. This time the balloon doesn’t explode!

The water in the balloon absorbs the heat given off by the candle and doesn’t cause the material of the balloon to burn and burst!

Leak-Proof Plastic Bag

You will need:

Sharpened pencils
Plastic zip top bag


Fill the plastic bag about half-way full with water.

Carefully pierce the plastic bag with sharpened pencils. Place a bowl underneath just in case you encounter any leaks!

If you fill the bag with water and piece it with pencils the water will not leak out. This is a result of the fact that when the bag is punctured, the plastic tightens around the pencils, forming a seal.

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