Try These Beautiful Wood Picture Transfers As Your Next DIY Project

Inside all of us is a creative genius just waiting to come out. We might find that it may take some time for it to show but once we are able to show it, there may be no stopping us. That creativity can lead us in a lot of different directions but sometimes, it’s really about making the right choices when it comes to DIY projects.

Sometimes, a DIY project can take you to an area that you may never have considered before. That is certainly going to be the case with these wooden picture transfers. Not only are they simple to do, it provides an absolutely beautiful end product that we can keep for ourselves or give away as a gift to others. You might even find that you are enjoying doing this so much that you continue to do it over and over again.

We live in a digital world and as a result, most of us rarely ever have pictures developed into something that we can hold in our hands. We may spend a lot of time looking through the pictures on our digital devices but there is something that was lost when it comes to printing a picture out and putting it in a frame. This unique DIY project takes a step back in time but it does so in a way that will make you feel good about it again. You might even find that you are missing those days that were there before the electronic devices came on board.

In the end, this DIY project provides you with the opportunity to give something wonderful to a friend or family member. All you really need to do is find the right picture, grab some supplies and before you know it, you are making something beautiful.

Materials Needed:

Picture printed on regular paper
Piece of wood cut to size you want
Gloss Gel Medium
Mod Podge.


Print your picture on regular paper.

Measure out the size of the wood to the picture and trim image to size.

Put a good layer of the Gel Gloss Medium over the entire surface of the wood.

Put your image face down onto the gloss coating and let it dry overnight.

The next day, take a wet wash cloth or paper towel and soak the entire surface of the image.

Once the entire paper is saturated, use your fingers or the paper towel to scrub off all the paper and let it dry.

Once dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge over the entire image and let that dry.

Once dry, it will look amazing on display in your home or will make a unique and awesome gift for a loved one!

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