The Only Tools You Need Are Your Fingers. This Is About To Become Your Favorite Pastime

How many hobbies do you have? If you’re anything like me, it seems as if you have far too many to do at any given time. One of the particular hobbies that I have had for many years and that I do consistently is knitting. Why do I enjoy it so much? Because it is relaxing and I love making things for other people. There is nothing quite like getting something from somebody what it was made with a lot of TLC. As you are about to see, however, is possible to take knitting to the next level.

One of the problems with knitting is the fact that it does take a little bit of practice in order to get the swing of things. Unless you happen to pick up on crafting very easily, you will likely struggle with keeping everything uniform and making it all turned out from the beginning to the end. That is why I would like to introduce you to finger knitting. It is something that can produce beautiful items but it can be done without having to use any needles. In fact, the only thing you need to use for finger knitting is yarn, your fingers and a pair of scissors.

I’m not saying that there is not a learning curve when it comes to finger knitting but as you are about to learn, that curve is very small. What is even better is the fact that you can enjoy this hobby, regardless of whether you are focusing on what you’re doing or if you are doing it while you’re watching your favorite television show.

As you can see we have the basic items that are necessary for finger knitting and truly, this is it. As always you have fingers, some yarn and a pair of scissors, you are ready to go. It is a very easy hobby to pick up and it is also something that requires a minimal investment. What could possibly be better?

You begin by pinching the yard between the palm of your hand and your thumb. It helps to hold things in place and prepares you for the rest of the process, which is done with your other forefingers. You won’t need to continue to hold the yarn in place because once it is started, it will hold its own.

At this point, you start weaving back and forth between your fingers. It really is that simple, you go under the index finger, over the middle finger, under the ring finger, and over the pinky. At that point, you come back around and follow the pattern in the opposite direction.

If you can master that much of finger knitting, you really have the entire system down. You continue to leave the yard between your fingers back and forth and then to pull at the yard on your fingers in a certain way so that it forms a woven fabric that trails behind your fingers.

As you can see, the fabric that is trailing behind your fingers is quite beautiful in the way that it is woven together. I don’t know about you, but I can imagine making almost anything from a pair of socks to a scarf for the winter weather. My imagination really runs wild when I start to think about all of the different things that can be done with this simple project.

How long do you make the project? That is really something that is up to you. Some people are going to keep it relatively short, especially if they only have a small amount of yarn or if they are making a relatively small project, such as a pair of baby socks. Other people however, may want to go big with this type of project and create an entire afghan.

I know what you are probably thinking, it would take forever to make an Afghan such as this but honestly, it doesn’t take all that long. Once you get started with the project, you will find that it really takes on a life of its own and the more you work on it, the more you will produce.

There are a few ways to tie things up at the end but it is simple. In fact, it is so simple that a child could do it. As long as you help them with the scissors, they can even enjoy sitting beside you and taking on this project as the two of you enjoy some quality time together.

You can watch all of the instructions in this video:

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