This Simple DIY Project Makes Art Out Of Your Children’s Shoes

There are certain basic items that we need to have on a regular basis. Included in those necessities are food, clothing and shelter. When we have those items at our disposal, we really have all that we need to get by in life. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t like to add a little pizzazz here or there. This simple DIY project is something that will help you to do it with style.

When it comes to clothing, most of us appreciate one type of clothing or another. Some people love T-shirts and they may wear them all the time or they may like collecting hats. Many people, however, enjoy the shoes that they wear and they may have a comfortable pair of plain, white shoes that just seems to find their way onto their feet constantly. It’s time to take those shoes to the next level.

This DIY project takes a plain pair of white shoes and makes them into something quite unusual. You can call them watercolor sneakers but regardless of what you decide to call them, the fact that it is beautiful goes without saying. Don’t be worried about this DIY project if you feel that you aren’t creative or artsy. In reality, it only takes a few moments to turn your shoes into something phenomenal and you can make them in different colors to go with all of your outfits. This is the perfect spring fashion statement but you will want to have them available all year long.

You can do this project with your own sneakers but don’t overlook the possibility of helping your children to make them as well. It’s a great summer project for the entire family, so get everyone involved.


White Sneakers
Watercolor Paint
Fabric Medium (like Mod Podge)


Remove the laces from your sneakers.

Dip your paintbrush into clean water and choose the paint colors you like. Start painting the colors onto the fabric portion of your shoe.

Once the shoe is completely painted set aside to let dry.

Mix one part fabric medium (we used Mod Podge) with three parts water. Cover your dry shoes with this mixture (it will make sure the colors last longer) and let dry.

Once dry, lace up your sneakers and show them off. You’ll be a walking work of art!

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