This Neon Terracotta Pot Is The Perfect Addition For Your Porch

It seems as if DIY projects are avaliable for us to do at any given time but some of them just tend to lend themselves to certain times of the year. For example, you would think about making some decorations to hang on the tree around December but it is unlikely that you would think about doing the same thing in the middle of the summer.

The DIY project that is shown in this video is certainly a beautiful idea at any time of the year but you will likely appreciate it the most when it comes to the warmer times of the year. After all, it makes a beautiful clay pot for the porch and you can enjoy it while you are sitting out and soaking in some of the warm sunshine. Of course, you don’t need to wait until the warmer weather to make this project, it is fun for any time of the year.

Some projects can be quite complex and you might have a hard time getting motivated to do them. That isn’t the case with these neon terra cotta pots. They are so easy to do that you might just want to do them regularly. It is also possible to get the kids involved and they are going to enjoy making some of these creative pots as well. Just put out the supplies and give them some direction and watch them take over with their creative side.

Not only do these clay pots look great on your porch, they are also something that can look good at your friends’ homes as well. That is why you will want to buy extra supplies, so you can make some and give them away as gifts.


Terra cotta pot
Acrylic paint (in your choice of colors)


Put a piece of tape over top of the hole on the inside of your pot.
Flip your pot upside down. Pour your choice of colors of acrylic paint around the bottom edge of the pot. Let the paint drip down the sides and let dry.
Once dry your pot is ready to use!

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