Give Your Trinkets A New Home With These Stamped Clay Bowls

There is something that most of us have in common, and it’s the fact that we tend to have more items that we have space to keep them. More than likely, you have an area inside of your front door that is disorganized. It’s not because you are a disorganized person, it’s just that some areas tend to become a catchall for everything from keys to spare change.

If you would like to change that catchall area and make it look neat again, you need to provide some options for where to store those loose items. Although you can purchase things from the store, your best option is to make something. It does take a little bit of time but you are not going to believe what you will be able to create when you really put your mind to it.

Not everybody has a creative side but most of us really appreciate when we are able to make something with our own two hands. That is what this project is designed to do. It is super simple to create these small clay bolts but when they are finished, they are going to look absolutely fantastic. Not only will you enjoy having a place to keep your trinkets, you will be proud the store these in plain sight for everyone to see. It takes very little items to make them and all you really need is a little bit of time and a willing spirit.

These particular bowls use stamps in order to make an impression but you don’t need to use stamps if you don’t have them. As a matter of fact, you can use anything that would leave a design impression so go wild and let your imagination do the work for you.

Materials Needed:

Air Dry Clay
Selection of Stamps
Ink Pad
Set of Small Bowls
Rolling Pin
Mod Podge


Take your air dry clay and knead until soft. Roll your clay out to about 5mm thick.

Ink up your stamp and press firmly onto the clay. Repeat until you have covered the clay with your stamped design.

Try not to press too hard as you want to be able to lift the clay away from the table easily and not stretch out the design. If you have problems with the clay sticking to your work surface you can roll the clay out onto some greaseproof paper first.

Take your bowl and place it upside down on your clay. Use your knife to cut around the edge of the bowl.

Peel away the remaining clay to leave the circle of clay behind that will form your bowl.

Lift your clay circle carefully and place it inside your bowl. Using your thumbs press the clay down gently into the bowl.

Repeat until you have as many bowls as required and leave to dry overnight. By the next day the printed side of the clay should be hard enough for you to remove it from the bowl. You may find the clay is still damp where it’s been touching the glass bowl. Place your bowls upside down on a baking cooler rack to allow both sides to dry fully.

When your bowls are dry, sand away any rough edges. Use a paintbrush to cover the dried bowl with Mod Podge.

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