Every New Mother Is Going To Love This Unique Diaper Cake

When we have the privilege of spending time with our friends or family members who are expecting children, there are certain things that begin to unfold in front of our eyes. We often quickly recognize exactly what the baby means that them and how much they are attached to the child, even prior to the time that the baby is born. That is why there are certain days during the pregnancy that are much more special than others.

One of those special days is when the baby shower takes place and it is an event that most of us will not ever think about missing. It gives us the opportunity to spend time with our friends and family members who may be expecting and show them exactly how much they mean to us. This is not only seen in our attendance, it is also seen in the benefits that they show.

Of course, most expecting parents will have a registry at a local store. You can use the registry to see what type of items they need and then pick them directly from that list. It is a convenience that most of us appreciate but sometimes you may need to look beyond the registry and do something fantastic. That is the case when you decide to give diapers as a gift. After all, if you ask any young parent about what they need more than anything else, they are going to say diapers. It seems as if the baby is going through them like mad.

Although you could certainly give them a box of diapers and they would be well received, it is also possible to make the diaper stand out even more. That is what this diaper cake is designed to do. It’s the perfect shower gift that people will remember for many years to come.

Materials Needed:

Diapers – A LOT of them
Rubber bands
Thin Ribbon/String
Thick decorative ribbon
Baby toys/socks/baby items that you can add on


Start by rolling a single diaper into a small roll.

Wrap a rubber band around the roll

Then start wrapping the diapers around it. Use a frying fan or cake pan to get an estimate of size and just keep wrapping more and more together until it gets to the size you want.

Add rubber bands if it starts to get loose to keep it all secure.

Once you have reached the size you want, use your string or ribbon to secure all the diapers together.

Either tie your decorative ribbon or secure the ends with hot glue around the diaper cake.

Repeat the process with a smaller size layer and place it on top.

Once more with the smallest layer to make it a triple layer cake. once all your layers are set, start sticking the toys and baby items in the cake using either the ribbon to secure them or tuck them into the diapers themselves.

These diaper cakes are quite beautiful and the new parents will appreciate it so much!

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