This DIY Watermelon Doormat Will Make You Smile At The Front Door All Summer Long

There are plenty of projects to keep you busy all summer long. Some of those projects are going to be somewhat routine and we may not even look forward to doing them. Included in those projects may be mowing the lawn or perhaps even washing the dishes. Then again, there are going to be some fun projects if we look hard enough.

If you’re ready to have a little bit of fun this summer, this DIY watermelon doormat is the best way to do so. It doesn’t take very long to make and you can get all the supplies that you need for around $10. Don’t let the simplicity of this project fool you. It is a lot of fun and once you have the doormat down at your doorway, you will find that it is making you smile every time you pass it.

One of the best things about this particular project is that you don’t need to keep it at just a watermelon doormat. In fact, you can customize the shapes and colors for any season of the year. In the autumn, you might enjoy making one with different colored leaves and in the winter, you may want to make one with snowflakes or snowmen. There really is no limit as to what you can do with this particular project, it’s just a matter of getting the supplies together and making something fantastic.

Imagine walking past your DIY project several times every day. There is something about creating something on your own that really can put a smile on your face. After you have this DIY doormat in place, you will love it and anyone else who comes to your door is going to love it as well.

Materials Needed:

Plain 17 x 30 inches door mat
Large all-purpose sponge
Sharp scissors
Detail paintbrush
Plastic or paper plates for painting
2 2 oz containers of pink paint
1 2 oz container of green paint
1 2 oz container of black paint
Exterior paint setting spray


Begin by using the scissors to cut the sponge into a watermelon shape. You’ll need to cut two stamps – one to mimic the wedge shape of the watermelon’s pink core, and a second to represent the thin, curved green rind of the watermelon. After cutting the general shapes out, you may need to trim up the edges to ensure a crisp stamped shape.

Next, pour a large amount of paint onto a tray or plastic plate and dip your sponge into the paint or paint the sponge with a brush. The natural fibers and crevasses of the mat soak up a lot of the color, so load on more than you think necessary.

With the stamp’s bottom surface covered with paint, bring it over to the mat and press down firmly in random places across the surface. You’ll want to load up on paint, and likely stamp on two layers of paint with the sponge pieces to your mat.

Stamp the pink wedges first and then go back and top each shape with the smaller stamp loaded with green paint.

Allow to dry for 20 minutes. Then grab the smaller detail brush and add tiny dots of black paint to the pink wedge to mimic watermelon seeds.

Allow the mat to sit at least 5 hours or overnight in a well-ventilated area to ensure that the paint has a chance to completely dry.

A final coat of clear, waterproof spray paint on top completes the piece and will help to protect the stamped watermelon design for the entire season.

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