These Baby Shadow Boxes Are The Perfect Gift For A New Mom

There are many different times of the year when you might consider giving a gift. For many people, those days include the holidays but it certainly is not limited to that specific time. You often have special occasions that come up and they require that you bring a gift along with you. Then again, there are also many times when it is just nice to give a gift for no reason at all.

One of the specific times when many people give gifts is around the birth of a baby. The baby shower is one of the more celebrated moments during the time that the mother is pregnant and it is likely that the mother has registered somewhere locally and can buy them a gift off of the list of the things that they truly want. There are many other moments when you might consider giving a gift surrounding the pregnancy, then this is a DIY project that you may want to consider.

This gift is perfect for just after the baby is born and some of the pictures begin to circulate. You can take the pictures off of Facebook or any other social media network and they usually consist of pictures of the sonogram or perhaps even the young couple with the new arrival. You may also be able to get your hands on some of the baby clothes to include in this project. It is for the shadowbox and it is the perfect gift for a new mother.

Although you may want to consider giving this gift to others, you might also want to consider giving it to yourself. You don’t need to be limited to just making it for a newborn child. Shadow boxes are a wonderful thing to have around as a memento of special times.


Shadow Box
Various baby keepsakes (footprints, initials, ultrasound photos, onesie, baby’s first photos, ID bracelet, etc.)
Hot glue
Various ribbons, bows, flowers for decoration


Pin or glue your various decorations and keepsakes to the inside of the shadow box.

Let glue dry and place in frame. Your shadow box is now ready to display!

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