These Baby Cupcake Onesies Are The Best Baby Shower Gift

There are a number of important events that we are going to experience in life. Perhaps you can think back on some important days that you have experienced so far. For many people, one of the more important events is when they have a child because it is the beginning of a long-term project and most people are quite excited over the prospects of raising a new human being.

Part of the fun of having a child comes in the form of a party that is typically thrown for the expected mother. I’m talking about the baby shower, and it is an event that really can help set the stage for the rest of the pregnancy, the delivery and the young years for the child. It is an event that we share with our loved ones and sometimes, there may even be a surprise or two involved.

If you have been invited to a baby shower, keep in mind that you are there to share is one of the biggest events that they will experience in life. More than likely, they are on a registry somewhere and you can pick one of the gifts that they have selected. Somewhere on that list is going to be some baby clothes, including onesies. They are perhaps the most convenient clothing item that the parent is ever going to own in their life. You can purchase those onesies but rather than giving them as a regular gift, you can dress them up for the occasion.

These onesie cupcakes are the perfect gift for a baby shower. They look absolutely adorable but on the inside of the cupcake wrapper is a onesie that they will use over and over again. Try this for your next baby shower gift and you will be the life of the party.

Materials Needed:

Baby onesies
Baby socks
Cupcake paper cups


Fold your onesie into thirds length ways.

Place a baby sock at one end and start to roll it up.

Use the open end of the sock and use it to go over the entire roll so it holds everything together.

Place your little onesie cupcake into a cupcake paper.

Make a few more and put them in a little box as if they were real cupcakes.

The new mom and dad are going to love it!

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