Make Your Bath Time Fun With These DIY Bath Jellies

There is a child’s song about a rubber duck that people take to the bath. It is a song that many of us remember from our childhood but there is some truth to the statements that are made within its chorus. It talks about this rubber duck but it also talks about how that duck is able to make bath time fun. It certainly is true that when we were children, having a toy in the bathtub did make it a fun experience.

When we get older, we tend to look at bath time as more of a necessary item than something being an enjoyable experience. When you really stop to think about it, however, it’s a big part of our life so why not make it something that is enjoyable? After all, some people will spend days at the spa and enjoy getting cleaned up and freshened in ways that are relaxing and quite enjoyable.

If you are ready to make your bath time fun, it is possible to do so with these DIY bath jellies. They are relatively easy to make but when you have them available in the shower, it is as if you are enjoying a spa day, rather than simply getting cleaned up. In fact, you may just find that you are enjoying these little treasures so much that you want to give them away to family and friends. After all, why would you want to share something so precious and enjoyable as these little items.

In the end, we do want to focus on the fact that we come out of the shower clean. Fortunately, these bath jellies are not only designed to make it an enjoyable experience, they are also going to help to keep us clean as well.

What you’ll need:

6 packets of Knox Unflavored gelatin (for an animal-friendly/vegan jelly use 5 tsp. powdered Agar-Agar or 2 packets Natural Desserts Unsweetened Jel Mix)
2 1/4 cups boiling water
1.5 cups shower gel
8 -10 drops essential oil
4-6 drops food coloring
3 tsp salt
Silicone mold


In a measuring cup, mix in the gelatin powder and water.

Stir until the gelatin powder is completely dissolved.

Add the shower gel to the gelatin mixture.

Stir until thoroughly combined.

Add an essential oil of your choice and/or a few drops of food coloring, if desired. Mix well.

Mix in the salt.

Pour the mixture into the silicon mold.

If bubbles appear on the top of the liquid, spray with rubbing alcohol.

Put the mold in the refrigerator. Let it cool in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours, or until firm.

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