These Gemstone Soaps Are Incredibly Beautiful

It doesn’t matter who we are, it seems as if we have at least one friend who is creative. Perhaps we would like to be creative as well but we don’t feel we have the ability to do so. More than likely, it isn’t because we are lacking in creativity but we may be lacking in confidence. That is why you’re going to love this fantastic project because anybody can do it and the results are phenomenal.

One of the projects that many people enjoy doing is making their own soap. They may make it for their own use around the home or perhaps they make it to give as a gift to others. Regardless of why you decide to make it, it certainly can be a wonderful treat to see the work of your hands turn out so beautifully.

Soap comes in many different shapes and sizes and some of the recipes are going to be easier to make than others. That is what makes this project so fantastic. It is easy to do but by adding a few simple colors and using just a little bit of creativity, you can make them look like gemstones. In fact, you may find that these soaps are so beautiful that you don’t even want to use them for their intended purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that some of these are going to last for many years. After all, who would want to wash their hands with something this lovely?

Although you can make these a decorator item, they are easy enough to make that you could find a use for them as well. Put them at the sink and use them regularly. When they are all used up, just make some more.

Materials Needed:

1/2 lb each Vegetable based opaque white and clear soap bases
Food coloring in red, yellow, blue and green
10 Small reusable cups
2 soap molds
Microwavable glass or measuring cup
Paring knife
Cutting board
Fragrance Oil (optional)


Cut both of your soap bases into quarters. You will use one quarter of the clear soap and the opaque white to mix colors, and one quarter of each for the final mold. This way you will have enough of the soap to make more than one.

Cut your clear soap into smaller pieces and place them in the microwavable glass. Microwave for 20-60 seconds or until it is fully melted. If you want to make you soap scented, add your fragrance oil now so that it will blend in properly.

Divide the liquid mixture into five of the small mixing cups. Using your food coloring, mix a variety of colors that match your gemstone, ranging in darkness. If need be use a toothpick so that you will get the smallest amount of color possible. If they start setting before you are done mixing, 5 seconds in the microwave should melt them back down.

Repeat this process with the opaque and let them harden completely.

Flip over and pop out the little soap disks and slice them into shards and start mixing them up in your soap mold! Don’t worry about being too uniform, keep them random and don’t worry about packing them tightly because you will fill in the space after.

Take the remaining quarter of the clear soap mold you have left and melt it in your microwave safe container. Pour the clear liquid into the soap mold over all the colored pieces.

Then take the opaque quarter and repeat the process.

Now that all your pieces are in the mold you can either give it another 5 seconds in the microwave to help the colors blend together or just let it harden the way it is. It will take a few hours to harden, but if you want to speed it up you can put it in the fridge to help it cool.

After your soap has completely hardened take your scissors and cut the mold off of your soap.

Use your paring knife to cut 5-6 vertical edges along the sides. Use another 5-6 angles to bring the top to a point and you’re done!

Save all your scraps because you can use them the next time you make soap!

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